RisenHistory and Etymology for oar. Noun. Middle English oore, ore, going back to Old English ār, going back to dialectal Germanic *airō (whence Old Norse ár oar), of uncertain origin . Note: The presumed etymon *airō is attested only in Scandinavian Germanic and Old English; it is apparently a loanword from Scandinavian into Finnic languages (North Saami áiru oar, Finnish airo, Estonian aer) .oar (ôr) n. 1. A long, thin pole with a blade at one end, inserted into an oarlock and used to row or steer a boat. 2. A person who rows a boat, especially in a race. v. oared, oar·ing, oars v.tr. 1. To propel with or as if with oars or an oar. 2. To traverse with or as if with oars or an oar: an hour to oar the strait. v.intr. To move forward by or ...Welcome to the new database for the Oregon Administrative Rules. You now have all the rules and filings for Oregon in one easy to search location. For a review of whats changed, watch the tutorial . The 2018 Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation is available online in OARD. Read more ...2018 Winter Olympics: What country is OAR, and how are its athletes winning medals? In case you didnt know, OAR is actually a country youve already heard of -- just in disguiseNow on The Just Like Paradise Tour! Official Of A Revolution site featuring tour dates and information, news, music, merchandise, videos, live downloads and community.The Disco BiscuitsTrainOAR runs a small shelter for cats in Madisonville full of wonderful, fully-vetted, adoptable cats. Open adoption hours are 6-8 pm Mon and Thur, 1-4 pm Sat and Sun at OAR, 5619 Orlando Pl, 45227 and 1-4 pm Sat and Sun at Oakley PetSmart, 3401 Alamo Dr, 45209.oar Youtube Slot Machine Winners
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